Husbands new job may mean we need to contact estate agents in Cardiff

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We are going to Cardiff soon and will need to speak to estate agents
A massive turn for us may mean we need to contact some estate agents in cardiff very soon. he was recently approached by his boss about a huge opportunity for him after a recent expansion into Europe. They have been talking about this for ages and finally a few months ago it all started to come together with them buying a business based in Cardiff.

The big move for them then went from talk of this expansion to talk of staffing and opportunities and Ben came home excited a few weeks ago after a detailed meeting with his boss about a senior management position within this new market. I thought it would turn out to be a bit of a pipe dream but over the last weeks this has been gathering pace until last week when he was offered a job on the board of directors.

We have a shortlist of estate agents to help our search in Cardiff

With all this exciting stuff going on we are starting to think seriously about the move and how this will affect the kids. We have made a shortlist of estate agents and have spoken to them all over email to start to build a picture up of the ones we will meet up with very soon.
We have began our search for a property and one thing that did surprise us is the cost of property in the UK compared with the states. We will of course be getting a good re-settlement package but we still may have to downsize a little or even rent for a while as the prices are so much higher in the UK.

As well as estate agents to think about there is the rabbits and their life in Cardiff

There is so much to think about and do at the moment as well as one of the biggest decisions we have ever made to finalise there is the house search, school check and all the pets to consider. We are so fond of the rabbits and whilst I guess we could re-home them in the US we really do want to take them with us for our new adventure. We have a bit of conflicting advise on this but I think we will take them all as I think they are as much a part of the family as anyone and I don’t think I could leave them behind regardless of the expense etc.
With so much to do I had better get back to my planning and make sure we don’t forget anything. Big week next week and an amazing trip to Wales is planned and we are all really excited first up a bit of house hunting with

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Swaps mis-selling in my loan

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My swaps mis-selling claim had to be quick
A recent conversation with my accountant has thrown up an issue with my bank regarding theĀ swaps mis-selling in my loan I took out in 2005. I went to the bank to lend some money to buy in new machinery and materials when I launched the online arm of my business. I wanted to expand and so set up am appointment to go and see my account manager so that I could see what my options were.

I looked into swaps mis-selling

The account explained he had picked up that I had a swap within my loan agreement with the bank and he asked if I knew anything about it. I don’t profess to be the best when it comes to finance and had to admit to him I did not have the first clue and can’t remember anything about any swaps being mentioned.
He went on to explain that these financial products were often sold to guard against interest rate rises and that in most cases they were mis-sold to the customer a bit like the way they mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). I was staggered to learn a bit more about it and cannot understand how they got away with dong it for so long but what I was sure of is that I had been sold one and I knew nothing about it.

Deadline for swaps mis-selling claims loomed

The account went on to explain that the deadline for getting in your claim was coming up and if I did want to do something about it I would need to act fast and get some specialist help. Joe my accountant knew a company and offered to introduce me to them in a meeting we had arranged for the following day and I agreed to see them.
The company I met were great and after a round of heavy questioning they agreed that I did have a case and that they would be happy to take this on and try to get me back some of the money I had taken from me.
They agreed to do everything including going through the mediation process with the bank which was great of me as I had no confidence to be able to do this on my own let alone get the money back. They got to work straight away on my behalf and a few weeks later I had an offer which was a good one from the bank.
I have since settled my claim and was surprised how much I got back but suffice to say this has already been a great start to the year for the business and I would hope this injection of cash I wasn’t expecting will be put to good use.
If you took out a business loan of mortgage in the past I would urge you to check and see if you had any of these products attached to the agreement and if you did I can highly recommend the guys that worked on my swaps mis-selling claim

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slate signs for hutches

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signs for hutches made out of slate
I have just signed an agreement to sell slate signs for the hutches that I make and sell. These are really cute and cool too and you can add a bespoke look to your hutch with these little custom design slate plaques. I got the idea when I was researching some competitors and came across a hutch that a customer of theirs had customised. Although a lot of the stuff I already do as options the little name plaques they had on the hutch were a cute touch. The ones they had were pretty rustic looking and in order to sell them to my customers they would need quite a bit of work so I called a couple of local companies that did house plaques to see if this could be done economically and on a custom basis.

I ordered some general slate signs to start

I have ordered some generic No1 Rabbit etc type plaques for offering as add on’s to the hutches I make but you can also order custom name slate signs for your particular rabbit for a small extra charge. The company I am working with have come up with a killer deal for me to enable us both to make a little money from each job.
What I really like is along with the funny, cute and general signs that I can get and sell we can also offer as bespoke an offering as the hutches themselves for my customers and if they want special names or even portraits anything is possible. Hopefully this completely bespoke offering will get me ahead of the competition a bit and on course to a better year than last on the sales front.

Not just slate signs to add to website

As well as this partnership agreement I have a few more on the go too. From a pet accessories company to a local artist that paint animals I am really looking for growth this year and think these kind of one off opportunities will stand me apart from the rest and give me that competitive edge you need.
The artist I met will provide painting and prints from a picture of your rabbit and from that I met a company that can put this image onto loads of different gift products like mugs, mouse mats etc which I think is a great addition to the website.
The range I am now offering has something different from every other website in my category offers and with everything I think its one of the most comprehensive offering I have found to date.
It started as a bit of an idea from someone else but I am more than happy that I have now made enough amendments to make it my own and I hope my customers feel the sane way.
If you are inspired to get some slate sign done the company I am working with are great to work with and do lots of house signs as well as the custom stuff

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