slate signs for hutches

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signs for hutches made out of slate
I have just signed an agreement to sell slate signs for the hutches that I make and sell. These are really cute and cool too and you can add a bespoke look to your hutch with these little custom design slate plaques. I got the idea when I was researching some competitors and came across a hutch that a customer of theirs had customised. Although a lot of the stuff I already do as options the little name plaques they had on the hutch were a cute touch. The ones they had were pretty rustic looking and in order to sell them to my customers they would need quite a bit of work so I called a couple of local companies that did house plaques to see if this could be done economically and on a custom basis.

I ordered some general slate signs to start

I have ordered some generic No1 Rabbit etc type plaques for offering as add on’s to the hutches I make but you can also order custom name slate signs for your particular rabbit for a small extra charge. The company I am working with have come up with a killer deal for me to enable us both to make a little money from each job.
What I really like is along with the funny, cute and general signs that I can get and sell we can also offer as bespoke an offering as the hutches themselves for my customers and if they want special names or even portraits anything is possible. Hopefully this completely bespoke offering will get me ahead of the competition a bit and on course to a better year than last on the sales front.

Not just slate signs to add to website

As well as this partnership agreement I have a few more on the go too. From a pet accessories company to a local artist that paint animals I am really looking for growth this year and think these kind of one off opportunities will stand me apart from the rest and give me that competitive edge you need.
The artist I met will provide painting and prints from a picture of your rabbit and from that I met a company that can put this image onto loads of different gift products like mugs, mouse mats etc which I think is a great addition to the website.
The range I am now offering has something different from every other website in my category offers and with everything I think its one of the most comprehensive offering I have found to date.
It started as a bit of an idea from someone else but I am more than happy that I have now made enough amendments to make it my own and I hope my customers feel the sane way.
If you are inspired to get some slate sign done the company I am working with are great to work with and do lots of house signs as well as the custom stuff

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