About Me

Hi, I am Amy and I live in Hutchinson Kansas. I am 39 years old and a mom of one little boy Joe.

I am an animal lover with a huge amount of pets. For years I have been breeding rabbits but I also have birds, reptiles and fish among my collection. Most of my friends say I am mad but I get so much pleasure from looking after them I just don’t care what people think.

My great passion is rabbits though and I have a garden full of hutches and a shed full of hay and rabbit food. I have even turned my passion of this little furry angels into a business and make and sell a range of hutches via my online shop.

The shop sells a variety of different shaped and sized hutches and all the accessories like covers and runs etc. Its is a great way of mixing business with pleasure and over time the hutches I make have become more and more elaborate.  I do a range of different colours and with different themes and decorations and what started out as fun makes me enough now to live on and keep my pets in food and toys.

My little boy is a darling and loves the pets too. He helps keep them safe and well looked after and has even shown an aptitude for woodwork helping in my shed to make the hutches we sell. My husband works away a lot as a long distance lorry driver and so we only get to see him every couple of weeks. He is planning to quit soon and get something more appropriate to our family life now and we are hopeful this will happen this year.

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back lots. If you want to comment on anything I write about please feel free.



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